Air Dehydration Units (ADU):

Air dehydration Units (ADUs) provide a stable relative humidity (RH) in and around critical systems and components, thereby eliminating the problems associated with moisture-induced corrosion. LOGIS-TECH (LTi) offers a complete line of ADUs with capacities from 50-40,000 standard cubic feet per minute. Each machine utilizes self-rejuvenating desiccant wheel technology and is equipped with an industrial grade humidistat for precise RH control. Electric, gas, or steam regeneration systems are available. Specialized ADU's can be engineered to meet stringent requirements for use by aircraft on the flight line and for deployable on-demand requirements.

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Green Dehumidification: Logis-Tech is actively looking at alternative renewable energy sources to augment the power consuption savings Dehumidifiers can already provide over less efficient HVAC based Drying Systems.  Read More about Why HVAC is NOT True Dehumidification.


Logis-Tech, inc. was selected to provide annual Contractor Logistics Support to the United States Marine Corps for their Controlled Humidity Protection Systems located at MCLB Albany, GA.


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