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Logis-Tech's Four Core Business Domains:

Logis-Tech's expertise lies in providing responsive, cost-effective solutions for complex logistics issues.
  • Environmental Control for Material Protection

    Powered by LTi’s patented Environment Stabilization System (ESS®) creating and sustaining an environment free from the damaging effects of moisture is a reality. Each ESS® is tailored to the customer’s specific needs and incorporates LTi’s state-of-the-art technology to provide the most cost effective solution to prevent moisture induced damage that is available in today’s market.

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  • Dehumidification, HVAC Sales and Service

    LTi is the largest supplier and single source maintenance provider of environment control systems in the world. Centered on dehumidification due to its wide range impact on reducing energy consumption when integrated into other environment control operating system capabilities, LTi provides installation and service for the full range of environment control systems. Systems range from simple dehumidification only to fully integrated dehumidification, heating and cooling systems capable of precise humidity and temperature control in buildings of any size and complexity.

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  • Logistics Advisory Solutions

    Logis-Tech, inc. provides expert consultancy for national and international clientele on a wide range of topics including depot-level repair of aircraft engines, logistics engineering and analysis, information resource management, and bid proposal preparation. Logis-Tech, inc. uses its extensive experience conducting Logistics Studies and Analyses using computer models that mathematically express relationships to provide quantitative insight into program solutions for the D.O.D and commercial industries.

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  • Information Technology

    Logis-Tech, inc. offers a full suite of IT related services including full network and client management services, websites, and custom software and database solutions. We also offer full network engineering, security consulting, mail and internet identity establishment, local and remote help desk services, and computer repair and upgrade.

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Sales, Installation, Service & Support
On a Global Scale

We take pride in our ability to provide our customers with products, services and solutions which not only meet their demanding requirements, but also provides the reliability and performance that cut operating and maintenance costs, reduces equipment down time and increases mission operational readiness. To deliver, we continue to expand our field operations and support services network capabilities worldwide. Logis-Tech has it's corporate headquarters in Manassas, Virginia, a satellite office in Dumfries, Virginia, and 17 Service Offices throughout the world . Logis-Tech has current operations in 45 States and fifteen overseas locations.

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We Will Be @

  • SSA Fall Conference & Trade Show
    September 6-9, 2016
    Las Vegas, NV
    Booth #711
  • 128th NGAUS General Conference
    September 9-12, 2016
    Baltimore, MD
    Booth #1339
  • Modern Day Marine 2016
    September 27-29, 2016
    Quantico, VA
    Booth #3215
  • AF Logistics Officers Association Conference
    October 11-14, 2016
    National Harbor, MD
    Booth #112

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