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Uncontrolled moisture is a prevalent cause of deterioration in older and historic buildings. It leads to erosion, corrosion, rot and ultimately the destruction of materials, finishes and eventually structural components. Today's museums and archives are vital to the protection of our heritage and the development of our future. As technology and experience grow, we learn more about the damaging effects of improper environmental conditions on our precious collections. Ensuring the preservation and long-term safety of the collection is one of a museum's or archive's most challenging primary goals.This requires long term sampling and analysis of temperature, relative humidity and lighting level data to determine stability or to point out issues that need further attention and remediation. A well-planned and executed monitoring program that spans at least one full change of possible seasons is instrumental to ensuing success and providing the minimum data set required for analysis.

The Goals

To implement a preservative conservation program allowing for a base line evaluation of environmental conditions, with ongoing periodic monitoring and review to identify pop up issues, that allows for the ability to take remediation measures before long-term and irreversible damage takes place to collections and/or structures. To give assurance to Curators, Directors, Board Members, Patrons and Loaning Museums that collections are well protected from Humidity and Temperature related environmental dangers.

The Challenge

Institutions face ever tightening budgets so verification systems must be affordable, but given the size and individual requirements between locations and even in each collection space within even one location, it is difficult to tailor a one size fits all solution that meets many requirements. The reality of limited manpower, a shortage of technical computer users and the cost for the dedication of assets further complicate the issue. LTi offers solutions that provide a Curator, Facilities or Engineering staff with information they can use to remediate both systemic and periodic conditions in a timely manner before damage can occur.

The Solution

Logis-Tech, inc. offers a wide array of solutions for the largest to the smallest of collections and budgets. From an inexpensive data logger exchange program to full blown turn key integrated HVAC and dehumidification automated control and data acquisition system, including all maintenance and service. There is a solution that will meet your needs.

Logis-Tech Offers

  • Wired and Wireless Networked Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • Low Cost Mail In Logger Exchange Reporting Program
  • Remote 24 Hour Monitoring and Alerting Systems
  • Data Retrieval Reduction Reporting Services with Audited Reports Available
  • Ability to integrate into existing HVAC and other Mechanical Equipment
  • Turn Key HVAC and Dehumidification Systems
  • National Service Network for Controls, HVAC and Dehumidifiers
  • Environmental Stabilization Consulting Services

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Green Dehumidification: Logis-Tech is actively looking at alternative renewable energy sources to augment the power consumption savings Dehumidifiers can already provide over less efficient HVAC based Drying Systems.  Read More about Why HVAC is NOT True Dehumidification.


Logis-Tech, inc. was selected to provide annual Contractor Logistics Support to the United States Marine Corps for their Controlled Humidity Protection Systems located at MCLB Albany, GA.


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