Military Relative Humidity Control:

Environment Stabilization Systems (ESS®) are custom tailored to control the customer's selected environment to their unique specifications and requirements. Our experience in high-quality integration of multiple components and systems ensures a high Return on Investment. ESS® applications include controlling complex industrial processes, protection of commercial and personal property, and preservation of sophisticated military weapons systems. An ESS® solution begins with a comprehensive site assessment to address customer needs and architectural engineering issues. A variety of products and capabilities are selected based upon the customer's desires. The success of our technologies is highlighted by ESS® phenomenal ten-year average return on investment of 9:1, a performance measure determined independently by several different federal government auditing agencies. Environment More detailed individual product descriptions follow. Once the customer approves a course of action, site preparation and system installation are scheduled and accomplished with the least disruption possible to our customers' ongoing operations.

ESS® solutions can include the following components

  • Preservation Envelope - A new or existing permanent or temporary structure, or in some cases the equipment being protected acts as its own envelope, such as an M-1 tank which utilizes ESS® to protect only the interior components.
  • Air Dehydration Unit - which provides reliable humidity controlled, processed air.
  • Guardian™ Data Acquisition and Control System - which provides the sensors and CPU to accurately control and monitor the conditioned environment and maintain it at the most economical level.
  • Battery Preservation System- to eliminate sulfation buildup in batteries and maintain peak charging capacity.

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Green Dehumidification: Logis-Tech is actively looking at alternative renewable energy sources to augment the power consumption savings Dehumidifiers can already provide over less efficient HVAC based Drying Systems.  Read More about Why HVAC is NOT True Dehumidification.


Logis-Tech, inc. was selected to provide annual Contractor Logistics Support to the United States Marine Corps for their Controlled Humidity Protection Systems located at MCLB Albany, GA.


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