Humidity Control Related Whitepapers and Studies

HVAC is NOT Dehumidification.

A frequent comment we hear from customer is “I already have HVAC climate control; I don’t have a humidity problem”.  in some cases this might be true, or true at some times of the year, but HVAC as a method of dehumidification in energy inefficient and haphazard as to the long term results.

Read more about Why a Dehumidifier is needed in addition to or instead of an HVAC system.

Control RH and Control Mold.

Mold is pretty much everywhere and can flourish in most moist environments, learn more about controlling mold through the control of relative humidity.

Read more about Controlling and Preventing Mold Growth

Why I Picked a REAL Climate Control Facility for My Stuff.

While trying to find a self-storage facility during a recent move I found out not all Climate Control is equal.

Read more about How I selected a Real Humidity Climate Controlled Facility

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Green Dehumidification: Logis-Tech is actively looking at alternative renewable energy sources to augment the power consumption savings Dehumidifiers can already provide over less efficient HVAC based Drying Systems.  Read More about Why HVAC is NOT True Dehumidification.


Logis-Tech, inc. was selected to provide annual Contractor Logistics Support to the United States Marine Corps for their Controlled Humidity Protection Systems located at MCLB Albany, GA.


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